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A Roman philosopher of the mid 1st century said: "There is no delight in owning anything unshared." and Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American poet,lecturer and essayist said: "Our best thoughts come from others."

STEP BY WICKED STEP answering technique for SPM 2012

FRAMEWORK for answering literature component/
Outline/personal response (for Question 33 of Paper 2, SPM English 1119)

1)      Introductory paragraph (paragraph 1)
-  State your novel (plus a very brief synopsis of the novel)
- State your chosen element( plot/characteristics/ setting/themes/moral values)
-  State in brief the reasons of your choice.

2)      Content paragraphs
-  Reason 1 + elaborations (paragraph 2)
R1 + E1+E1+E1

-  Reason 2 + elaborations (paragraph 3)
R2 + E2+E2+E2

-  Reason 3 + elaborations (paragraph 4)
R3 + E3+E3+E3

3)      Concluding paragraph (paragraph 5)
- Summarize/ restate the reasons on why you have chosen the part/ character/ place/etc
-  State a lesson you have learnt from the element
Provide any personel experiences (if any) which is closely related to the chosen element.

The Character you admire the most in David A. Hill’s novel,“How I met myself”

The  following are the novels studied in the literature component in English language.
1)      The Railway Children - Edith Nesbit
2)      Around the World in 80 Days - Jules Verne
3)      How I Met Myself - David A. Hill
Based on one of the novels above, choose one character that you admire the most. Write about the character that you have chosen and give reasons why you admire the character.
Selected personal responses from my Form 3 tuition students on The Character you admire the most  in  David A. Hill’s novel,“How I met myself” written based on a prĂ©cised  framework outline according to the PMR requirements for the latest literature component 2012. Hope all the shared materials will benefit, ease  your understanding and help you score by God’s will.
Question : The Character you admire the most. (John Taylor)
                Based on the novel  “How I Met Myself” written by David A. Hill, the person I admire the most is John Taylor.