this blog is about............. journey of discovering the light of literature hidden beneath a million stars and unveiling the concealed beauty of the work of arts through passion and patience, to experience the amazing journey where no words can heave but hearts can feel…………….

May God have Mercy on us & bless us with His Love and guide us in His Light of Truth.

A Roman philosopher of the mid 1st century said: "There is no delight in owning anything unshared." and Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American poet,lecturer and essayist said: "Our best thoughts come from others."

William Shakespeare's immortal work of arts....

This small book was the first attempt at a collected edition of all Shakespeare's non-dramatic verse, including the sonnets. There are fewer than fifty surviving copies in the world.

A literature teacher said Willliam Shakespeare's literary  works captured the hearts of aristocrats and commoners alike.The king of literature, William Shakespeare studied only till 4th class and could not receive proper education due to poverty. But inspite of this he became king of literature and provided numerous new words to English language. A genius. Shakespeare wrote about 154 sonnets, most of them dedicated to his patron and friend, Earl of Southampton and some dedicated to a mysterious lady called dark lady with whom the poet was desperately in love but who betrayed him. There is reference to WH and dark lady in his poems and It is generally assumed that WH means William Herbert and Mary Fetton is the dark lady. The sonnets of Shakespeare are autobiographical and tell a story which is personal to the poet. The sonnets addressed to the Earl talk about immortality of art while as the sonnets addressed to dark lady talk about immortality of love..”

The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost’s poems are  very interesting as they touch the nature revealing an appealing atmosphere and inviting comfort .  The Road not taken is of his poems which have themes that are related to us..... as we walk on the pathway of our lives.
This poem is about the poet who is enjoying his walk in the woods. He came to a point where the road branched into two. He had to make a choice to choose which road to travel, so he stood there wondering which one to take. Then , he decided to choose the less travelled one. He hopes that he can return on the other day and explore the other road.  However, he did not get the chance to do so as the road he choose took him further and further in life. After many years, he looked back and ponders about his decision he had made many years ago. The choice he had made many years ago have brought a great influence upon his life(shaped his life) and eventually making him the man he is today.