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A Roman philosopher of the mid 1st century said: "There is no delight in owning anything unshared." and Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American poet,lecturer and essayist said: "Our best thoughts come from others."

Analysing Form5/SPM novel questions from 2001-2011

After many years diving in the sea with my students ,in search of the PEARLS  in “The Pearl” by John Steinback, a novel that reveals the power of hope, love and determination… we have now taken the STEPS to leave the pearls which have taught us many valuable lessons and making us feel the waves of emotions in the sea of family love and unity. Since 2011, we have to change to “Step by wicked step” by Ann Fine…do I have a choice? Very well…life needs changes, so have faith that the changes are positive ones….as we go thru it, we learn new values in life especially about appreciating the power of family love which creates joy, peace, tolerance, understanding, gratefulness, forgiveness and beauty….blooming seeds of happiness, tranquility and attachment…as this novel managed to prove that strong family relationship sustains family bond and heals all the hurting moments through sense of love, devotion and loyalty. The power of family love leads to reunion and healing in a family. Therefore, we should appreciate and love our family unconditionally and be prepared to make sacrifices  as when there is strong sense of love, there is forgiveness , patience, loyalty and devotion growing without force under the shade of genuine family love. 
As the SPM examination is getting nearer, I’ve started to analyse the step by wicked steps novel, and created some sample answers in framework form so that you can understand better/ faster/ and make great effort to answer during your SPM English paper. Please share this literature notes with anyone in need as the more we share, the more we get…..Thank you God for Your Endless Blessings….
This is part of my literature notes prepared for SPM English Seminar (for my tuition students and those who are interested to join) which I will be presenting  on the 14th and 21st  October, 2012 at Kajang.
Analysing Novel Questions (2001-2011):
2001   A character you like/admire (character)
2002   What important lesson did you learn? (moral value)
2003   A character you sympathies. (character)

Do you like the novel? "How I met myself"

Sharing again the edited versions of my students work. Well done!

The novel that I have chosen is “How I met Myself”, written by David A. Hill. I like this novel for certain reasons. It is because it has an interesting character who is John Taylor, 34 year old Englishman who works as a computer programmer with a computer company in Bristol, England. He is married with his Hungarian teacher, Andrea. He is a faithful and caring husband and father. The beginning of the novel was very impressive, as it is filled with mysterious moments that arouses my attention to keep on reading. The story started off interestingly when John bumped into  someone who looked exactly like him while on his way back from home. The person apologized to him and disappeared without leaving any footprints on the snow. Besides that, the flow of the novel began to create suspense as John began actively searching for his doppelganger. It was because after his encounter with his doppelganger, he felt terrified as he always have nightmares of him. Lastly, the ending was resolving as the truth was revealed. The story ends with a positive note when